Perkins + Will

[Insert Park Here]

[Insert Park Here]

On April 18th the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) put out an RFP concerning the 150 plus acres of the Outer Harbor. ECHDC chairperson Robert Gioia explained the main objective of the RFP to create:

“[A] comprehensive, implementation-oriented and economically-viable master plan for the reuse and redevelopment of the Outer Harbor.”

Reputed Chicago architectural firm Perkins + Will were ultimately selected as the ‘winning’ team due to their master blueprint for development and land use on the Outer Harbor. The deadline for Perkins + Will to submit their blueprint is October 1st of this year, this proposal is subject to approval by local and state agencies as well as public meetings. Perkins + Will state their goal as:

“To encourage active use of the outer harbor while preserving public access and linking it to downtown and the Canalside district.”

Furthermore, the firm has experience with cold-weather climates,having worked in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as with post-industrial waterfronts. They are responsible for several waterfront revitalization on brownfield sites in Washington D.C., California, and New York.

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