Seven Concepts for the Outer Harbor

21st Century Park on the Outer Harbor presents seven potential land use models for Buffalo’s Outer Harbor on display at the Buffalo Public Library Central Branch.  University of Buffalo Urban Planning graduate students in Professor Sean Burkholder’s Architecture Design Studio 6 created these models to illustrate how park-oriented land use can provide an ecological connector conjoining the well-loved Tifft Nature Preserve and Times Beach. The conceptual posters will be on display at various libraries throughout the summer.

buflibpos2Burkholder’s students were tasked with “hypothesiz[ing] the role design and planning have in integrating the disputed agendas of Ecology, Development and the Social Good.” 21st Century Park on the Outer Harbor Park believes the seven models are successful demonstrations of the integration the Design Studio sought to achieve and incorporations of the principles we espouse toward the development of the Outer Harbor.

While each model is the work of one student, representing one vision for the Outer Harbor, the best community resources arise from community processes.

Join 21st Century Park in ensuring that the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) includes a place for everyone at the planning table, and something for everyone on the Outer Harbor! #OHP #GottaHavePark


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