Letters to 21st Century Park on the Outer Harbor II

Thank you to Walt for sharing!

The ‘public’ input process of ECHDC and Perkins and Will’s has been nothing more than a charade. ECHDC plans reflect their interests and not that of the people. Given the density of the housing that is proposed, this piece of property will become anything but a public space.  Mr. Gioia keeps talking about all the people that want this housing, well where are they? We didn’t see “all these people” advocating housing at any of the public hearings, in any newspaper columns, radio shows, social media, or anywhere else. As a matter fact housing has been on the very bottom of the public wish list, just above the prison someone suggested.
How stupid do they think we are? 5000-6000 people living in this relatively narrow property will make this a private neighborhood, not a world class waterfront that would become a ‘regional draw’.  These plans show no regard for Times Beach, Wilkeson Point,Tifft Preserve or even the Small Boat Harbor for that matter. The existing infrastructure is woefully inadequate to handle that sort of density. The costs of infrastructure upgrades would be staggering.
Even from a practical matter that area is an extremely harsh and hostile place in the winter, none of which are being factored into these plans. Buffalo is finally making so many right decisions, this is not one of them. The Buffalo Riverkeeper plan is much better plan. We need to do all we can to stop this ill thought self serving ECHDC plan from becoming reality. This property is a public trust and needs to be treated as such. Leaving the majority of this space natural,accessible, with just enough amenities will make it a regional destination that well only enhance all the other positive developments that are occurring throughout the city. Let’s take advantage of this valuable asset and make this space about the lake. This is the only public accessible space on the water front, let’s make sure it stays that way. ECHDC take your housing somewhere else. We the people of this public trust do not want it here!

The views expressed in these are of the public, and not specifically put forth by 21st Century Park.

  3 comments for “Letters to 21st Century Park on the Outer Harbor II

  1. Jeff Santiago
    November 6, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I think that a potion should be generated and also legal action against echdc and the people they hired to put this plan together. We are spending all this money for some one to force things that the people said its not a good idea to do.. The smoke and mirrors tatics that they are putting up in order to make them selves look as if they are getting the public input is not working, I think enough talk an now we Buffalonians need to take legal action!!! Just saying…..

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