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What would you like to see on the Outer Harbor?

The current design for the Outer Harbor is an atrocity. Mr. Gioia stated in a letter to the Buffalo News that there were “many” people in support of housing under the current design. Where are these people I ask ? Not the hard working real people of Western New York . I think he is talking about his wealthy developer friends that look to profit from our waterfront. The ECHDC design is so short-sighted and narrow-minded that it’s embarrassing for them. All our progress in Buffalo will be for naught if we allow these wealthy political cronies to get their way. They obviously will not listen to the rightful owners of the waterfront, the everyday blue collar Buffalonians. Congressman Higgins and Sean Ryan have rejected this plan, now we need more politicians to speak up against those that would destroy our waterfront. There are plenty of voters that say no to Outer Harbor housing, you might want to listen to us.

From Dave K.

The views expressed in these are of the public, and not specifically put forth by 21st Century Park.

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