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What would you like to see on the Outer Harbor?

Maybe the outer harbor could be, more or less, left alone.  Thoughtfully planted, then fenced off to eventually become an urban forest-like space; passive and natural.  Relatively inexpensive to create and maintain.  A waterfront companion to Tifft Nature Preserve. Buffalo has a lot of wonderfully designed parks, always underfunded, most of them in need of expensive restoration and all in need of continual maintenance.  In other words, we already have significant parkland and recreation options.  Plus, generally speaking, these park “jewels” are neither fully utilized nor overcrowded. For 50 years this region’s population has dramatically declined and now is stagnant.  To create financially”self sustaining” parkland via commercial and residential development would be at the expense of existing commercial and residential neighborhoods. If funding streams exist to develop and maintain new waterfront parkland without adversely affecting existing parks and neighborhoods, I’m for it. However, I don’t believe those funding streams exist. To suggest new commercial and residential development sprawl as a means to financially sustain new parkland makes no sense. Let’s consider more residential/commercial development on the waterfront when Buffalo becomes the new Toronto.  Better yet, ask knowledgeable Torontonians how happy they are with their largely commercial waterfront development (they’re not!).  Vancouver, on the other hand, is an example of a city committed to it’s “urban forest“.
From Joel L. 

The views expressed in these are of the public, and not specifically put forth by the 21st Century Park

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