ECHDC Pledges to Honor Green Code Vision for Outer Harbor

ECHDC Small Letter Green Code

ECHDC Gioia Green Code statement 3-21-17

ECHDC’s  March 2017 letter follows up on statements made in previous years, in which the state development agency identifies the Green Code public process as the most effective way to plan long-term development on the Outer Harbor.

In a September 2015 press release, titled “Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation and City of Buffalo Partner on Plan to Incorporate Outer Harbor Development into City Green Code Planning Process”, Chairman Robert Gioia said the following:

“The Blueprint planning process originated in September 2013, after Governor Cuomo announced that the NFTA would transfer a then-estimated 400 acres to ECHDC. As a result of that process, we have heard from the community during several public sessions and agree that the City of Buffalo’s Green Code planning process is the best format for ensuring an open and transparent consideration of all long-term development planning on the Outer Harbor. Of the approximately 421 acres of land controlled by the state (including the 231 acres included in the public planning process and the 190 acres that now comprise the Buffalo Harbor State Park), the Green Code envisions approximately 80% of it to be zoned as open greenspace, which we believe is consistent with public sentiment.”

The press release added, “The long-term future of the Outer Harbor should be guided by high-level land use recommendations, closely aligned with and folded into the City’s ongoing planning efforts regarding its Land Use Plan and Unified Development Ordinance (Green Code), the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, and the Buffalo Harbor Brownfield Opportunity Area. This will ensure continued public engagement in an open and transparent planning process.”

The full September 2015 press release is available on the ECHDC website here.

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