Share Your Vision

Over the last week, we’ve asked our readers and social media friends, “What do you want to see on the Outer Harbor?”

We’ve been posting the responses as they come, and are the views of the respondents solely and not of our organization, though we’re digging them all.

  • All About The Access : I’m certainly in favor of keeping the public lands west of Route 5 accessible to the public and favor the 21st Century Park proposal.  My real concern is that our elected officials have ignored the REAL problem with the Outer Harbor and that is ACCESS.  We need the correct access for the new uses envisioned for the waterfront.  Since the Skyway was put in place (1955?) there have been only 3 changes to the roads/bridges.  All of these have reduced access. (read more)
  • Public Process, Please: The ‘public’ input process of ECHDC and Perkins and Will’s has been nothing more than a charade. ECHDC plans reflect their interests and not that of the people. Given the density of the housing that is proposed, this piece of property will become anything but a public space.  Mr. Gioia keeps talking about all the people that want this housing, well where are they? We didn’t see “all these people” advocating housing at any of the public hearings, in any newspaper columns, radio shows, social media, or anywhere else. As a matter fact housing has been on the very bottom of the public wish list, just above the prison someone suggested. (read more)
  • A Short Walk Along the Harbor:
    My sweet, wonderful wife and I walked the Inner Harbor today.
    We recently walked the Outer Harbor.
    The bustle and activity of the Inner Harbor is cool.
    The serenity and wildness (especially on a windy day) of the Outer Harbor is equally cool.(read more)
  • Power of the People: The current design for the Outer Harbor is an atrocity. Mr. Gioia stated in a letter to the Buffalo News that there were “many” people in support of housing under the current design. Where are these people I ask ? Not the hard working real people of Western New York . I think he is talking about his wealthy developer friends that look to profit from our waterfront. The ECHDC design is so short-sighted and narrow-minded that it’s embarrassing for them. (read more)
  • Water Accessible Fresh Water Aquarium: I’d like to throw my 2 cents into the debate about what to do or not do with the land on the Outer Harbor.
    As it stands right now the land is not clean enough to support residential use. This is the main reason none of our home grown developers have put THEIR money into development of this land to date. (read more)
  • Keep it Green: Maybe the outer harbor could be, more or less, left alone.  Thoughtfully planted, then fenced off to eventually become an urban forest-like space; passive and natural.  Relatively inexpensive to create and maintain.  A waterfront companion to Tifft Nature Preserve. (read more)

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